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Sale for Saab car models

Saab Bobble hat Saab Bobble hat

Saab Bobble hat

Part No.:0000220

Ex Tax: £26.00 £31.20 £38.39 19%

Black with contrasting grey lines around the circumference.Feature Saab wordmarque label attached to..

Saab Book Saab Book

Saab Book

Part No.:652962

Ex Tax: £9.50 £11.40

A high quality illustrated book over 172 pages reflecting the history of Saab Automobile from 1940 t..

Wiper Blade Kit - 9-5 (2008 - 2010) Wiper Blade Kit - 9-5 (2008 - 2010)

Wiper Blade Kit - 9-5 (2008 - 2010)

Part No.:12781787

Ex Tax: £12.89 £15.47

Wiper Blade Kit for 9-5 (2008-2010)Contains both RH (Drivers) and LH (Passenger) wiper bladesSaab Or..

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

Part No.:5390752

Ex Tax: £39.00 £46.80 £78.16 40%

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for 9-5 models (2002 - 2010) Limited availability at this SALE price!..

Alternator (120Ah) for 9-3 B207 Manual Alternator (120Ah) for 9-3 B207 Manual

Alternator (120Ah) for 9-3 B207 Manual

Part No.:32022139

Ex Tax: £189.00 £226.80 £255.43 11%

Alternator (120Ah) for 9-3 B207 with Manual gearboxSaab Original part and replacement for previous p..

Lamda Sensor (Rear) - 9-3 B207 engine Lamda Sensor (Rear) - 9-3 B207 engine

Lamda Sensor (Rear) - 9-3 B207 engine

Part No.:55353149

Ex Tax: £45.83 £55.00 £155.95 65%

Lamda Sensor (Rear)For 9-3 models with B207 engine (2.0 petrol) made between 2004 and 2011.Saab Orig..

Leather Steering Wheel (9-5 2006-2010) Leather Steering Wheel (9-5 2006-2010)

Leather Steering Wheel (9-5 2006-2010)

Part No.:12774366

Ex Tax: £82.50 £99.00 £399.60 75%

Brand new, 3 spoke Saab Original leather sports steering wheelFor Saab 9-5 models from MY2006 to 201..

Power Steering Gear Power Steering Gear

Power Steering Gear

Part No.:12756289

Ex Tax: £35.00 £42.00 £37.50 -12%

Power Steering Gear for 9-3 models produced 2003-2006.Fits all B207 (2.0 petrol) and D223 (2.2 diese..

Saab 17" alloy wheel (ALU71) Saab 17" alloy wheel (ALU71)

Saab 17" alloy wheel (ALU71)

Part No.:12771524

Ex Tax: £75.00 £90.00 £174.80 49%

New Saab Original 17" 10 spoke alloy wheel (ALU71)Fitted to 9-3 Anniversary models  in 2007 (7...

Saab 9-3 Conv Wiper Arm (04-07) Saab 9-3 Conv Wiper Arm (04-07)

Saab 9-3 Conv Wiper Arm (04-07)

Part No.:12761937

Ex Tax: £20.00 £24.00 £47.70 50%

Wiper Arm (Driver's side) - Position 5 in Technical Drawing pictureFor 9-3 Convertible models produc..

Saab Baseball cap (2 tone) Saab Baseball cap (2 tone)

Saab Baseball cap (2 tone)

Part No.:0000203

Ex Tax: £16.89 £20.27 £23.99 16%

Saab Baseball cap (distinctive 2 tone in Grey and White)SAAB logo embroidered in contrasting white c..

Saab Beanie hat Saab Beanie hat

Saab Beanie hat

Part No.:0000110

Ex Tax: £17.00 £20.40 £23.40 13%

Black knit Beanie hat with Saab word marque embroidered in white...

Saab Brand and range book Saab Brand and range book

Saab Brand and range book

Part No.:32015585

Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00 £18.00 17%

Saab brand and range book.86 colour page book reflecting on Saab Automobile history, development and..

Saab coolbag Saab coolbag

Saab coolbag

Part No.:100001

Ex Tax: £9.99 £11.99

Saab Original coolbag. Black finish with Saab Original log on the front.Compact, high quality produc..

Saab First Aid kit (compact) Saab First Aid kit (compact)

Saab First Aid kit (compact)

Part No.:0000116

Ex Tax: £13.00 £15.60 £18.00 13%

Saab branded First Aid Kit (pocket size). Perfect for taking along to any outdoor activities. C..

Saab Ice Scraper Saab Ice Scraper

Saab Ice Scraper

Part No.:32020153

Ex Tax: £2.49 £2.99

Saab branded ice scraper12 cm x 10 cm where all 4 edges can be used to scrape frost and ice off your..

Saab Merchandise Hoodie Saab Merchandise Hoodie

Saab Merchandise Hoodie

Part No.:88881010

Ex Tax: £31.97 £38.36 £59.99 36%

Hoodie with SAAB logoLAST ONE available! (size Small) One colour (Dark grey) and in soft c..

Saab RHD cup-holder (in dash) Saab RHD cup-holder (in dash)

Saab RHD cup-holder (in dash)

Part No.:12764382

Ex Tax: £49.50 £59.40 £101.08 41%

Saab Original 9-3 dash mounted RHD cup-holderWorks on a manual push spring-out / retract mechanism.F..

Saab Service Book Saab Service Book

Saab Service Book

Part No.:0000111

Ex Tax: £8.50 £10.20 £15.00 32%

Saab Service Book..

Top Strut Mount 9-3 (2003-12) Top Strut Mount 9-3 (2003-12)

Top Strut Mount 9-3 (2003-12)

Part No.:13188763

Ex Tax: £41.72 £50.06

Top Strut Mount for front suspensionFits 9-3 models (2003-2012)Saab Original suspension part as fitt..

Diesel Fuel Filter Housing (D223) Diesel Fuel Filter Housing (D223)

Diesel Fuel Filter Housing (D223)

Part No.:24430379

Ex Tax: £6.95 £8.34 £41.00 80%

Saab Original complete Fuel Filter Housing for D223 engineFits 9-3 2.2 TiD engine produced 2003-2004..

Front spoiler (9000 1990-1994) Front spoiler (9000 1990-1994)

Front spoiler (9000 1990-1994)

Part No.:4344214

Ex Tax: £20.00 £24.00 £62.40 62%

Lower front spoiler (Black)Fits Saab 9000 models from 1990 to 1994.No longer available from OE suppl..

Oil Filter Insert  for 2.2 TiD Diesel Oil Filter Insert  for 2.2 TiD Diesel

Oil Filter Insert for 2.2 TiD Diesel

Part No.:9117321

Ex Tax: £4.75 £5.70 £11.60 51%

Oil Filter Insert  for 2.2 TiD Diesel D223 Engine Fitment: Saab 2.2 TiD Diesel (D223 engin..

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