Another satisfied customer

Another satisfied customer

Having just marked our website's first anniversary, we received a lovely e-mail from one of our 1,000 customers we have supplied during the last 12 months.

Appreciating it's our job to help and supply you (and one which we really enjoy), sometimes there are challenges in identifying the precise part needed, but we always get there in the end! 

Anyway, the message below from Tony Collins speaks volumes and it's great to know our efforts are appreciated. Thanks Tony and what a lovely fleet you have!

“Having discovered I could work directly with Orio in the UK earlier in the year, I am thrilled with both the friendly and helpful service and the access to 1000’s of OEM Saab parts. The team at Orio have done a great job at finding me the parts I need to maintain and restore my collection of these wonderful cars.  I find it amazing that many brand new, original Saab parts from Orio are often priced exceptionally well when compared to second hand options - which have risen steeply in recent years.

I would thoroughly recommend this small and dedicated team - keep up the good work - you’re all doing a super job at keeping my treasured cars in tip top form.”

 Tony Collins 

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