Technology update for younger Saabs

Technology update for younger Saabs

As technology in cars has improved rapidly, don't you sometimes wish your Saab had some of the latest mod cons?

Well, through our link up with Kenwood, you can now choose from DAB+ radio, reversing camera and even dash cams.

Firstly there is a versatile "in car entertainment" unit fitting 9-3 models (from MY07 onwards) and 9-5 models ('98-'10 with manual transmission).

And while we could detail the specifications, we thought you would be more interested to hear the actual experience from one owner who has had the Kenwood upgrade completed on his Saab.

Rob Edwards asked Bagnall Saab to update his MY11 Aero Convertible with the new Kenwood system, and as you can see from his comments below, he's really pleased with the result.




"I love listening to music while driving, and having a clear, crisp sound helps me enjoy it all the more. The Kenwood system has an integrated graphic equaliser that works so well with the Saab speakers, that even with the extra road noise of the Convertible, it generates great quality sound. And listening to DAB+ radio is just so much better than traditional frequencies like FM."

"The colour matched surround of the facia makes it look like it was fitted at production, and the Nav and connectivity to your phone system (Apple car Play or Android), means your maps are never out of date!"

"The icing on the cake is the optional rear view camera. It's amazing how much more confident you are reversing with widescreen visibility than relying on the 'beep' from the older park assist system. And going the whole hog with the dash cams I now have added reassurance on every drive."

"In my view this kit is brilliant and I'm glad I went for it. It's brought my treasured 9-3 Convertible bang up to date!" 


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