Keeping Saab Cars the Way they were built – 100% SAAB

Orio UK Limited is a company based near Milton Keynes, who import and distribute Saab automotive parts across the UK.

Licensed to promote Saab parts, we are also the brand ambassadors for these much-loved Swedish machines, helping provide technical support and keeping cars on the road. Sharing more than 30 years Saab experience, it’s a business we love and with developments like, are expanding market access to our range of Saab parts.

We carry over 1,000 lines in our UK distribution centre, covering the majority of what is requested day to day. And if we don’t have it, we can probably get it for you from our Swedish parent, as they have over 30,000 lines in the global warehouse.


For a number of years we have exclusively supplied the Authorised Saab Service Centre network, but as more and more Saab cars are repaired by independents, we wanted to offer a platform that enables anyone searching for a Saab part to find it and buy it. so, here it is and now you can!

As the official importer of Saab parts, we are the only distributor you can be sure that ALL the products are Saab approved. 

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